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Time has come for originality and personalisation in our workshop

History offers numerous examples of how personalisation has been practised in the aristocracy. For a long time indeed, crowned monograms as well as initials adorned everyday objects. Just as painted bands on luggage and trunks made it possible to identify their owners during transatlantic journeys and other great voyages.


We possess hundreds of typographic characters of different forms and sizes (Anglaise, Bâton, Elsevier, Art Nouveau, Serif and sans Serif...), as well as a wide range of colours, matte or metallic, including of course silver, gilt and gold which we can deliver with a certification of 22 carats.


We can offer to mark your initials, but also symbols (clover, heart, anchor, flower...), crowns, layers of colour on bags, cards, wallets, cardholders, portfolios, luggage tags...

Personalisation from 30 €.


We can also create tools based on your own creations in order to apply them to your beloved objects.


We master the various supports, including the most precious skins: lamb, crocodile, ostrich ...


Your project interests us